The Miracle Morning Experiment

One of my goals in 2018 is to get my life together and become a more productive and successful person. So I’m always looking for ways I can ‘level up’, so when I found Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning I was intrigued, he claimed that this morning routine could change your life.

Before this experiment, my snooze button and I would have an epic battle every day, I would lurch out of bed at the last possible second, already pretty grumpy, and go on a zombie search for coffee i.e the love of my life. This is not a great start to the morning, so I’m hoping this miracle morning helps me to make mornings less of a nightmare and me less of a zombie person.


(Me with my best friend- Coffee)

However, lots of self-development books claim they can change your life, but if the advice isn’t implemented into your life, you essentially just spent money on a lecture. So during the month of February, I decided to conduct an experiment. Every weekday I would do the Miracle morning and see how it ‘improved’ my life.

The Miracle Morning Routine: 

Hal Elrod says there are six important steps to any miracle morning routine, which seemed like a lot. So I challenged myself to start waking up at 5am, doing the miracle morning routine in time to go to work at 8:30 (Until this experiment I was under the impression that 5am was a myth).

The miracle morning goes like this…

S- Silence This could be any kind of mindful silence like prayer, but I choose to try mediation, alternating between using the smiling kind app on my phone and just timing my mediation for 5-10 minutes.


A- Affirmation Hal Elrod suggests affirming yourself out loud to change the way you see yourself and your self-talk. However, I felt like a monumental wanker doing that so any positive effect was lost on me. However, writing at least three sentences of affirmation in my journal was a habit I was able to keep up.

V-Visualisation This is where you visualize who you are and what you want to achieve, I made myself a vision board as a visual aid of my goals for 2018 and what I wanted to achieve and would spend at least five minutes focusing on that.


E-Exercise This could be anything according to your fitness level and preference, but I choose to attend the 6am fitness classes at my gym.


R-Reading This time should be dedicated to a book that improves your life, it could be a religious text, a self-help book or blog, the news or anything else that helps you to grow as a person.


S-Scribing This is journalling (which I combined with the affirmation section) and I wanted this section to include gratitude list of at least three things, affirmations, and journaling. Journalling is a habit I have been trying to develop for years so I was looking forward to this time to develop that.


It all sounds amazing- and I kept track over the four weeks to see if it was as great as Hal Elrod made it sound.

Week One: 

The first day of the miracle morning was easy, I got everything completed by 8:30, including an hour body pump class so I went into the day already feeling pretty accomplished. I found the mediation difficult, so I decided to try mindfulness mediation to see if that worked better for me. I noticed that I did not have mid-afternoon slump and I had energy all day. It did feel amazing to have half my daily to-do list done before I had even walked to work.


This week I definitely noticed that I was not able to get up at 5am and be productive if I had not had at least seven hours sleep the night before. Nights where my sleep was disrupted, or I had stayed out late were followed by mornings full of lethargy and disappointment. However, I did notice that the days I did commit to the miracle morning, I was in a great mood all day, I was more productive, and I had more energy.

Week Two: 

After a pretty heavy weekend, the miracle morning felt fantastic, I am getting better at meditating, I have moved from three minutes to ten minutes and I am still surprised when the timer goes off. I have also noticed that when I work out in the morning, I work out more consistently because there is nothing to get in the way of going to the gym. I definitely start the day in a much better headspace. I have also noticed that my recovery time from the gym is shorter when I work out in the morning, which is a great bonus.


Week Three:

At the beginning of the week, I noticed that I was having a really hard time getting up at five, and I would get up for an hour, have a headache and then have to go to bed for another hour before work. Not surprisingly, on those days, I was lethargic, didn’t get much done and was pretty grumpy.

Turns out I really do need seven hours sleep a night to be a functioning adult, and when I started going to bed at 9:30 I was able to naturally start waking up at 5 am. It was amazing, and it was a nicer introduction to the day instead of being dragged out of sleep by an alarm and then feeling terrible all day.

Week Four:

I have finally gotten into the groove of the miracle morning routine, it’s much easier to get up in the morning, I have time to get my life together before it actually starts, this week felt like a ‘routine’ instead of something I faked. Each thing flowed naturally into each other, and I think I would miss it. Mornings actually became something I looked foward too and my favourite part of the day, which I have to admit, was life changing.


I went into this experiment somewhat skeptical, and I don’t know if it was the consistent fitness, the focus on getting enough sleep, the mediation or a combination of all three, but this miracle morning did make me a more productive person.

I felt less grumpy in the mornings, the meditation is so much nicer to wake up to than 15 snooze alarms. I managed to read 11 books this month, and I think the consistent dedication to reading in the mornings really helped with that.

Surprisingly, working out in the morning was easier than in the evening, because I don’t have time to get tired before I work out, and there no commitments that I can prioritize over working out, so my fitness definitely benefited.

I also loved the focus on visualization and affirmations, I notice negative self-talk is a bad habit of mine, but I didn’t realize how insidious it was until I had to make a conscious effort to combat it.

I think taking the time to set yourself up is a fantastic way to start the day, but I think the ‘miracle’ bit of the miracle morning is the commitment to self-care before you do anything else. Starting your day on your own terms really makes a difference to how you view yourself and your life.



  • Make it easier to go to sleep, so start winding down earlier. I found the best thing for this was to turn off my devices, using lush’s Sleepy lotion and reading a book.


  • As soon as you get up, put on your workout gear and drink a big glass of water- the water wakes you up and you already have your gym gear on so it tricks your sleepy lizard brain into going to the gym. I strongly recommend tricking your sleepy lizard brain.


  • If I had followed this like a rigid formula, I don’t think it would have stuck. By making it an organic, individual thing I found it to be really beneficial.


Have you tried the miracle morning? Did it stick? Comment below telling me your morning routine, and any suggestions you have!


14 thoughts on “The Miracle Morning Experiment

  1. I haven’t heard of this book but I really like this idea. I know my days used to go better when I started them with reading or meditation or exercise… This is good encouragement to get back on track with it!!

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  2. This sounds like torture to me. I consider myself a night owl. Because I like staying up late, I cannot drag myself out of bed in the morning. Going to bed at 9.30, to me sounds like something 80 year old people do, because they have nothing else to do.
    Is this something you will stick to for the foreseeable future? Or are you done with it after a trail month? I do think that customizing those plans to yourself helps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! It definitely felt jarring at first, but luckily my boyfriend actually gets up at 4:30 so it fits in with the household. I have been able to push it back to 10:30. But sometimes it’s later, I try and do this on the weekdays because it gives me more time in the day. You’re lucky you’re a night owl because I’m useless at night! I still use this basic structure but like anything, it can be flexible. 💕

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