Podcast Favourites

I love podcasts, it’s a great way to invest in yourself, and sit in on entertaining, informative conversations with some super cool people. You can learn about pretty much anything from a podcast, and you can essentially be taught by the best of the best. Also, it’s a free resource, which is a great motivator.

I have made a list of some of my favourite podcasts, from the educational to the entertaining. Hopefully, you find something you love!

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgaraff and Georgia Hardstark- An irreverent blend of comedy and true crime, this is my favourite podcast. Karen and Georgia are sweet, passionate and empathetic, and you can hear them getting steadily more woke as they learn from their (dedicated and creative) fanbase. 


Don’t Blame Me with Megan Reinks- This is a call-in advice show, and it’s hilarious, Megan is so cute and tries hard to give thoughtful if sometimes impulsive advice. Some of the stories are insane as well! So the occasional callbacks are very exciting.


Duo lingo Spanish podcast– If you’re looking to learn Spanish, this is a great podcast for beginners, it is Spanish ‘naturally’ and it helps you gain confidence. 


Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso- The original #Girlboss Sophia Amoruso talks to a different and inspiring woman every week.This podcast is educational and inspiring (my favourite one is with Roxanne Gay)

IMG_3841Last Podcast on the Left– This is another true crime/comedy mash-up with some pretty talented voice actors. It’s well researched and if you’re into true crime, this podcast might be right up your alley!


Learn to Mediate- Meditation society of Australia- If you’re like me and terrible at mediating, then this podcast is for you, they have gentle guided meditations that coach you through the process and help you gain mediation ‘skills’.


Paychecks and Balances– I am trying to learn more about finances, and these guys know what they are talking about. They take the fear out of money and give you bite-sized, actionable advice for your personal finance.


Pretty for an Aboriginal– This podcast is fantastic if you’re interested in feminism and its intersection with race, class, size, ableism, politics and pretty much everything else. It’s a fantastic resource for anyone looking to be a better feminist.


The Daily– Run by the New York Times every day (hence the name) it gives you a rundown of the day’s stories in about 30 minutes.


The Debrief Podcast– Stevie and Tessa talk about how to ‘adult’ its hilarious, I recently listened to their podcast about keeping a plant alive and I nearly laughed out loud on the train. It’s a great way to feel a bit better about not being an ‘adult’ yet because we are all trying.


The Lavandaire Lifestyle podcast– Hosted by the youtuber Lavandaire, this podcast is a great introduction into ‘designing your dream life’, she has great guests, great advice and it’s a great way to introduce intentional life design into your life.


The Mindful Kind– In tiny bite-sized chunks, Rachel Kable introduces ways to introduce some great ways to introduce mindfulness into your life. My personal favourites are mindfulness whilst studying, goal setting and being sick and mindfulness.


The Lively Show– I listen to this one on and off, but she has great points about alignment and the law of attraction. I love Jess’s positivity and zest for life.


You Must Remember This- This podcast is amazing, it is well-researched stories about old Hollywood. Karina Longworth is a fantastic narrator, and you get a full idea of the time. My personal favourites have been about Charles Manson’s Hollywood, the dead bones series and the Joan Crawford Series. If you love hearing stories from old Hollywood, you will love this podcast!


Lets Discuss– Ella Gregory and Monica Beatrice discuss anything related to blogging and being your own boss, its full of motivation and despite the questionable audio of some of the interviews, there are some great interviews with some inspiring people as well.


Like a Version– The podcast by the Australian radio show Triple J, this is a podcast version of their most popular segment ‘like a version’. It’s fantastic bands with fantastic covers, my personal favourites are the Arctic Monkey’s cover of Tame Impala’s ‘feels like we only go backwards’, Haim’s cover of Shania Twain and Gang of Youths cover of the Middle East’s ‘blood’.


What are your favourite podcasts? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Podcast Favourites

  1. Yay!! All of these are super cool! I love podcast reccomendations. I had no idea Sophia Amoruso had a podcast, I loved her book. She is for sure the OG. Thank you for including all of these, they are all really helpful. I especially want to check out the one that is geared toward bloggers.

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