A realistic self care date

Self-Care is a bit of a buzz word, but it’s not just about bubble baths and yoga, although I do love those things, when you’re exhausted and stressed out, sometimes you need more than a bubble bath.

I have been a bit burnt out lately, and I decided to set some time aside for myself, to solely focus on getting back on track. However, I didn’t want to feel like I was performing someone else’s wellness routine, just because I had read that it worked. I needed something that would work for me.

Some of the realistic self-care actions I have been working on have not been glamorous, but they were so important. I thought I would share some of the realistic self-care I have been using to get back on track with you.

Stop Procrastinating: 

Procrastinating can seem fun in the short term but pushing those priorities away can lead to a lot of stress and it’s not worth the stress for me. This can mean pushing back study to the last minute, meaning I have an intimidating mass of work to do. Because I can’t even enjoy the procrastination activities. If I am honest with myself, the best way I can take care of myself is to give myself the time to get all my work done and minimise any stress.


Catch yourself with negative self-talk: 

I have spoken about this before in my previous post, but it’s so important to treat your relationship with yourself with the same respect you treat your relationship with other people. I have been trying to catch myself when I start to speak negatively about myself and mediating.


Everything is so much more overwhelming when you’re not well rested. I literally went to bed at 8pm last night, and I woke up today feeling so much better.


Organise your space: 

Whenever my apartment looks messy, my life feels messy. I truly believe that your living space is a direct manifestation of your mental space. I am very affected by my space when it’s messy and dirty, it really affects my headspace.

Although it’s not glamorous, deep cleaning my house was almost therapeutic, because now my space is clean and fresh. I also used candles and music to make the space comfortable to be in.


Get your head right: 

The most effective form of self-care is when you actually are honest with yourself and what you need. Although it sounds great to go to a yoga class, sometimes you need to hibernate and go to bed early. Being honest with what you need it the best way to care for yourself.

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, disorganised and disconnected I think it’s helpful to write down my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes when you feel stuck mentally, it can help your thoughts to flow. Brain dumping helps me to clarify my thoughts.



Being still and silent really helps me settle and figure out what is important. Meditating in the morning can really set the tone of the day. It helps me to be calm, composed and self-aware.


Pamper day: 

If I am really stressed, I end up looking like a troll person, greasy hair, and my boyfriend’s clothes. However, sometimes when I take some time to take care of my appearance I feel so much better. If I make some of the effort it makes me feel so much better put together.


Explore your creativity: 

Getting stuck in the grind of constant work and study can leave you feeling really overwhelmed, exploring my creativity makes me feel rejuvenated and happy. It also gives me an outlet to be more creative, because you get the juices flowing! I personally love blogging and writing and allowing myself the time to enjoy those things makes me feel so much better.


What do you like to do on your self-care day?

9 thoughts on “A realistic self care date

  1. Great points! I’m having a bit of a self-care day today. I’m not doing the usual things in the usual order. I’m just sorting and enjoying giving myself a bit of freedom. It seems like being lazy, but honestly I’ve worked quite a bit out internally.

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  2. Again, I just so love everything you own, haha. Lovely pictures. I find when I let self-care go, I get very moody with others. It’s my first red flag. So I’ll try to stop, maybe take a day off work, do some self-help or psychology reading (always seems to calm me), paint my nails, go shopping, watch a movie… All those things help me feel like I’m not neglecting myself for the benefit of others and it turns me back into me. 🙂

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  3. “I truly believe that your living space is a direct manifestation of your mental space. I am very affected by my space when it’s messy and dirty, it really affects my headspace.”
    Yes!! Me too! It’s hard to relax and think of something else with so much to get done.

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