The Joy of Travelling

Gustav Flaubert said ’Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world’ and I think that is true, nothing challenges your ego, your sense of self or your worldview than traveling. I have mainly traveled around Europe and New Zealand, but I can’t wait to go traveling and explore some new places soon. I have lived overseas before, and I would like to do so again, but lately, I have been reflecting on why I love traveling so much, and what I have learned from it.

 You get to know yourself (or the person you are traveling with)
You get to see (in sometimes uncomfortable first hand) how you cope under pressure. I’m talking about language barriers, transport nightmares. And in one instance in 2016, narrowly missing a terrorist attack (we were safe, but it was pretty horrifying at the time).
I have been able to learn how I deal with stress and new situations and learned to be better at dealing with pressure. The more I travel, the more I improve at this. I have traveled alone, and it has made me become a more independent person, confident in my own abilities and problem-solving.

I have also traveled with my boyfriend, and I learned how he deals with stress and challenges and it forced us to confront some difficult questions, like how we both interact with money, what we think is valuable and our priorities. It was sometimes tough, but seeing how you work together can either make or break your relationship. It is also one of the biggest joys in life to travel with your best friend, it was fantastic to be able to share these adventures with someone special.


You get to actually tick things off your bucket list

Honestly, most of my bucket things are travel related, and one of the biggest benefits of traveling is actually being about to see the things you have only ever read about. It’s a surreal experience to achieve a bucket list goal and only makes you more excited to travel more.

You meet the loveliest people

Travelling means you get to meet the loveliest people under unique circumstances. You already have a built-in conversation starter and the chance to gain an adventure body. Don’t get me wrong, you also meet plenty of weirdos when traveling (especially if you stay in hostels) but you also get to meet friends for life.


You get pushed out of your comfort zone

Nothing pushes you out of your comfort zone, like literally traveling out of your comfort zone. Traveling helps you to challenge your boundaries (physical and mental), and your expectations of the world. For example, when I was in Dublin, we went to the Guinness factory, where I tried Stout for the first time, which I can’t say I enjoyed… but at least I tried!

 It is so empowering
It is such a boost for your confidence when you travel, by yourself and with others, it gives you confidence in your abilities and whets your appetite for more. I have traveled by myself a fair bit, and it made me so much more confident in my abilities, and I was so proud to be able to do something that I had previously been terrified of it. I would recommend traveling by yourself because it shows you that you are capable of so much more than you think you are!


You gain a newfound respect for the world

The world is obviously an awe-inspiring and wondrous place, which seems to be something we all know, but I gained a newfound appreciation of how insignificant I am in the big beautiful picture of the world.

Why do you love travelling? And where do you think I should travel next?

Thank you for reading

14 thoughts on “The Joy of Travelling

  1. It looks like you’ve travelled to some very nice places. Nice commentary as well. What it does to you made me think and appreciate it.

    Can’t say I’ve ever left the North American Continent. I’ll have to change that some day. Most of our trips have been to the mountains. We are outdoors and nature lovers.

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