Zero-Waste Survival Kit

Living in the modern world means that it’s almost impossible to not create waste, as almost everything we interact has the potential to create waste. I have been attempting to minimise my everyday impact,  and with preparation, I can pre-empt any waste I might create, and have a solution there with me.

My ‘zero- waste survival kit’ is very simple, but has helped me to create much less waste through the day. I am not completely zero waste, but I have been focusing on cutting out one thing at a time to try and minimise my impact on the world.

1) Bamboo Keep Coffee Cup– is great because its big enough to fit anything I really need, and the bamboo is biodegradable


2) Bamboo Utensils– I order out a lot, so I was using a lot of plastic, one-time use utensils, which was unsustainable. I bought a set of bamboo utensils, which contain a straw, a straw cleaner, a fork, a knife and spoon, which fit in a little handbag and fit into my handbag perfectly.

3) Re-useable bag- we all know plastic bags suck, so by preparing you never have to use them. I have a fold up bag in my handbag that fits anything I might need.


4) A ceramic container with a lid- I order out a lot, so I was using lots of takeaway containers, but I have switched to a ceramic container with a lid, that I just ask the people to fill instead of a container. I was initially concerned about this, thinking people would refuse for hygiene reasons or inconvenience, but I have never had a problem, but it does make my order the easiest to spot, and I have received many compliments.


5) Linen Fruit bags- It’s all well and good to take your reusable bags to buy groceries, but when you’re using those useless plastic fruit bags, you are still making an impact. I found these linen bags for my fruit and they have been great because they never rip and the produce is actually more protected. I feel motivated to buy more fruits and veggies, and I sometimes get discounts.

What products have you used to minimise your waste?

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 3.31.32 PM

12 thoughts on “Zero-Waste Survival Kit

    1. Thank you so much for reading 💕 I have been trying to do the same, and I have noticed that using coconut oil instead of make up wipes, solid hair washing products and recyclable toothbrushes have been a great start. What have you been using?

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  1. I have recently started using those linen bags for veggies at the supermarket because I had stopped taking plastic bags but found certain things like leafy greens sometimes ended up shedding a few leaves on their way down the conveyor belt. I also wanted some layer of protection between the basket and the check out counter etc and the veggies, and these have worked great!

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