Reset and Self Care Day for 2019

The New Year has started, and I’m still on my new years resolutions high, I want to start the new year in a great headspace. First of all, I know that ‘self care’ has become synonymous with $20 bath bombs and face masks, and while I think these things are important, I think that a self care day also includes doing the things that you have been avoiding, because it will help yourself get on the right track.

I created a self care day (or a weekend, theres a lot of stuff on this list) to put myself in the best head space possible for the new year, there are four sections, a ‘get your shit together’ section, a ‘cleanse’ section, a ‘grow’ section and an ‘adventure’ section.
I hope you like it!

Get your shit together:
-Do anything you have been putting off, such as bills, chores or errands that have been on your mind
– Clean your space, because having a tidy space helps you to have a tidy mind, by doing any laundry, dishes are general mess, it makes your environment more pleasant to be around.
– go grocery shopping, because by forcing yourself to go grocery shopping, it pushes you to do better and be better because it pushes you to eat healthier, practise cooking, save money and be mindful with what you eat
– Buy flowers, they are pretty and fun
– Do any lingering bits of work that have been on your mind, creating a fresh start for the new year. This could include applying for a new job, updating your CV, or finishing off uni work.
– Do some easy meal prep (I like making salads and healthy banana bread) means I have healthy food with minimal effort, and making it easier to not order out.



– Minimise social media consumption, because it can be draining and time consuming, and the constant cycle of comparison and consumption can be waste so much time. I recently deleted my facebook app off my phone, and it has been so nice.
– Nothing helps you feel like your life is together like an elaborate skin care routine, personally I like to go all out, including double cleansing my face, using mud masks and sheet masks and all the moisturiser, it might be a bit over the top, but it feels really nice.
– Make a list of things that I’m grateful for, it can be easy to feel grumpy and unsatisfied with life sometimes, but by making a list of all the things I am grateful for, I can create a better headspace for myself and remind myself how lucky I really am.
– Be social, it’s easy to stay in your own head when you’re stressed, I love calling my mum and having a chat, or having coffee with a friend, it can be lovely just to chat with someone.
– Sometimes when I have been busy, and especially after the Christmas and new year period, I feel really yucky and bloated from all the luxurious food available. I like to have a really healthy, clean eating day, my personal favourite is a green smoothie with frozen banana and spinach, a healthy salad for lunch, and a healthy pasta or stir fry for dinner, because minimising the sugar in my body helps me to feel better and more energetic. I also like to drink heaps of water, because dehydration can make me tired and sluggish.

– I like to prioritise mental health as well, to get into a good headspace for the year ahead, I really like to meditate, because even if its only for five minutes, it can feel great.
– I also like to journal, I am not a really fan of structured journalling, I like to just word vomit everything and it always makes me feel calmer and more at peace when I’m finished.
– I also like to find time to work out (even if its only for 30 minutes) and do some yoga, it really helps me to feel happy and relaxed.
– Work on passion projects that usually get shunted aside during the busy week, because in all the business of the week, it can be difficult to find time to work on the projects that I’m passionate about.
– Read something cool or listen to a podcast, I love curling up in bed and reading, but you could really do anything you want.

– Get in nature, like go to the beach or a hike, just getting out in nature can really improve my mood, the sunshine and seeing beautiful things can really help me get into a better headspace. Even if it’s just a little walk.
– Plan future adventures- make concrete plans and pencil them in, it’s so easy to want to do something ‘someday’ and never get around to it, planning adventures creates anticipation and pushes you to actually do the things you want to do.


How are you preparing for the new year?

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