Six ways to be Environmentally Friendly on a Budget

1) Ethical Fashion

Fast fashion is cheap, easy to access and bad for the environment, and is one of the toughest things to cut out when you’re on a budget. I found it very overwhelming to make ethical fashion choices on a budget, because it can be difficult to understand what is good and what is bad. I started using the app ‘good on you’ which helps you search clothing companies and gives you a score on their environmental impact, if they treat their workers ethically, and their sourced animal products. Using this app has drastically cut down on the stores I want to buy for, and has helped me to only purchase things I feel ethically comfortable with.

2)Refuse excess

The best way to cut down on environmental harm (in my experience) is to consume less, and an easy way to do this is to refuse things that you will never use, and just take up space. Things like pens, flyers and plastic utensils are easily refused and replaced with more durable alternatives like normal utensils and cotton tote bags. Meaning you’re consuming less trash in general, and you have less miscellaneous ‘stuff’ taking up space in your life.

3)Re-Useable Containers

It’s easier to skip bottled water when you have your own bottle handy, and a reusable coffee cup helps me to see when my order is ready and cuts down on waste. It’s also easy to take a Tupperware to the butchers and other things to help reduce waste. I have been getting better at anticipating where I could collect plastic, and trying to be prepared for it. It has also forced me to be healthier, because to avoid take away food waste, I have been bringing lunch to work, which is usually healthier, and saves me money.

5)DIY Cleaning Formulas

One of the first thing I noticed when I moved into my own place, is that two things are unexpectedly expensive, cleaning and products and cheese (obviously not together haha). Cleaning products are expensive, full of chemicals and plastics, and are marketed as specialised, when they really aren’t. I started making some of my own cleaning formulas with house hold products like bi carb soda and citric acid, and its been almost half the price, a fraction of the packaging and is much better for the environment.

6) Cut down your meat intake

This is a controversial one, but meat is expensive and takes a lot of resources to produce, and by not eating it every day, its been easy to save money and cut down on environmental harm.

Do you have any tips on becoming environmentally friendly on a budget?

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