Easy Habits that Help Me Get It Together

1) Freeze you bananas

Blended frozen bananas taste like ice cream, peeling them, put them in a container and use them with my smoothies has changed the game, because when you add coffee and cacao powder to the blend, and it tastes a bit like a McDonalds thick shake.

2) Sunday Reset Day

Since starting my new job, I have had less time to dedicate to looking after myself. So my ‘Sunday Reset’ day, where I spend time just getting ready for the week has been really important. I have been using the time to get my groceries and meal prep, get some projects done, and have a really self-indulgent skin care day. It has become so important to having a good week, and when I don’t have time for it I really miss it.

3) Go to bed earlier

My boyfriend is a tradie, so he goes to bed early, and gets up early, and I adopted it a couple of years ago, and its been so great! Going to bed earlier means getting up earlier, and weirdly, makes it feel like there’s more time in the day, and it’s great to have time before work.

4) Moisturise and exfoliate

Going back to the elaborate skin care routine, when you have had a busy day, theres nothing more luxurious than a nice moisturiser and exfoliant, I make my own with coconut oil, coffee and sugar, and it makes my skin so smooth and makes me feel so much better!

5) Be inspired, not jealous of others

I used to feel really inferior to women who were more talented, successful or prettier than me, and it would make me feel small and petty and I wasn’t able to build a real relationship with them because I was too jealous. But I was missing out on being around people who were better than me, so I was missing out on the chance to be better myself. I have tried to change my attitude from one of jealousy to one of inspiration and admiration. Not only has it improved my relationships with people who I think are better than me, but it has helped me be at ease with myself. We are all on our own journeys, and being jealous of other people is a waste of time.

6) Meal Prep my work lunches

I save money and time, and I can control what I eat, it’s amazing! I usually watch netflix while I cook and its also improving my cooking skills!

7) Work out in the morning

I can sometimes find morning workouts really hard, because I sometimes don’t eat beforehand (I know that’s bad) and I am not functioning at my best. But working out in the morning sets you up for a good day because you have already achieved a difficult thing before even getting into work.

8) Have some sort of physical exercise everyday

Even if it’s just a walk, physical exercise is an amazing way to maintain energy and a healthy lifestyle.

9) Take time to tidy my space

I get so anxious when my house is messy, I usually set a timer for 20 minutes and clean the house when I get home from work, and then it’s manageable during the week, until I have time to actually address the mess.

10) See my commute time as time for personal development

Public transport is boring, and it can suck, and I have almost two hours on the train every day so it can seem like wasted time. I try to make the time stuck on public transport or walking to work worth it, I try and read a good book, listen to a podcast or work on a passion project in the time and it makes the time something I weirdly look forward to.

11) Wear sunscreen every day

Sunscreen is vital for everyday, I feel naked without it.

12) Be in control of your finances

I have written about this a couple of times link but being in control of my personal finances has made me feel much more confident with my financial life, instead of just hoping my card doesn’t decline!

What decisions have changed your life?

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