I have a really bad habit. In the evening, when I’m too exhausted to do anything but watch Netflix, I think that I will start tomorrow. I will tick 50 things off my to-do list, practice a new language, and clean my whole house, and I will not procrastinate. But when my alarm goes off at 5am, I hit snooze.

This is one of the worst ways I procrastinate.

We all procrastinate, and I think we all do so for a couple of reasons. For me, the fear of failure is a big factor, instead of looking at it as a growth factor, I see it as failing forever, so if I don’t try I can’t fail.

But procrastination also has an impact on my health, because eating well, exercising and sleeping enough are habits that require work and preparation. It’s so easy to procrastinate being healthy because sometimes the easiest option is the unhealthy path of least resistance, especially then you’re tired and already not feeling well.

Truthfully, sometimes it’s just easier to not bother, why meditate when I could look on tumblr? Why exercise when I can sleep for an extra 30 minutes?
Our brains don’t want to do things that are difficult or scary, if we dread something we automatically resist it, and just fall back on other habits.

How do I address procrastination?
1) I use routines that help me, I try and use my morning for things that I’m passionate about, I try and get up early, I try and have all the admin things (like packing my bag and having food for the day) ready the night before, and use the time for the stuff I want to get done, like working out, projects and self care.
2) Try and understand why you’re procrastinating, is it too big of a project? Can it be broken down into smaller sections? The end goal can seem like a million miles away, but breaking things into small, manageable steps can make the journey to the end goal easier.
3) What motivates me long term? I like being proud of the things I do, maybe you want to be fit and healthy, maybe you want a fulfilling and enjoyable career. Whatever it is, link your goals and habits to that bigger image of what you want.

How do you beat procrastination?

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