What’s been going on…

I am sorry I have been so inactive on this blog lately, so I will start by saying thank you for being so patient. I have been going through some life changes lately, which has meant I have been extremely busy and this blog has not been at the top of my priority list.

So why have I been such a terrible blogger? A couple of reasons really, mainly that I just started a new job and I’m trying to learn the ropes and get into the swing of things.I am also moving house! It isn’t too far, about a ten minute drive from where we live now, but it is an upgrade, because we will be swapping our first home, which was a tiny studio in a pretty run down building, to a tiny one bedroom flat! It is new and shiny and a nicer building and we are so excited about it.

The circumstances of the move were a bit rushed, but we found the right place and luckily we got the first apartment we applied for, which was very different from our last experience, and it was a lot less stress than I originally thought it was going to be.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to clean out every bit of our flat, dragging stuff to the charity shop, and cleaning like there is no tomorrow, because I need that deposit back.
We are moving this week and I can’t wait to do some posts about moving in and decorating our new house. I am also going to be much more consistent with my blog posts.

Do you have any moving tips?

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