Moving House Without the Stress

Everyone says that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can go through, and I understand it, packing up everything you own, and then carting it to a new place sounds insanely stressful. And once I was graduating and starting a new job, I decided the next thing I needed was to make my life more stressful by moving.

Recently, my boyfriend and I packed up our little studio apartment and moved into a bigger and nicer one bedroom apartment and now, after all the stress, packing, wiggling furniture into place and organising I feel like I can reflect and give my experience and tips to make the whole experience a bit less stressful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still stressful, but it might help

1) Preparation is key.
I was already a big fan of Marie Kondo’s ‘the life changing magic of tidying up and I had been making changes in my life. But the move seemed like a great chance to really streamline, so I completed MichelleB’s ‘30 Days to Simplify Challenge’ to prepare. It was a great way to reduce the stress of moving and it meant that I wasn’t moving anything I didn’t love and use.

2) Check out the new place.
Look at the new place, in particular, the storage, the floor layout and anything else you will need to help you sort your things once you arrive. For example, in my old house we had a linen closet, in the new house we didn’t, so I had time to make accommodations. I am also a classic type A, so I like to be as prepared as possible.

3) Pack well and by category:
This seems really simple, but it was so helpful! by packing boxes with labels, I saved so much time when you come to moving and unpacking. I was able to move the correct boxes into the correct room (now that I have seperate rooms!) and I was able to find the things I need when I needed them. It was great when I wanted to make noodles too.

4) Use things doubly:
I try really hard to minimise my plastic use, so i didn’t want to use plastic or bubble wrap, so I used towels to protect my kitchen utensils. I borrowed boxes from a friend who had used them in her move and I essentially tried to be as low waste as possible. Obviously moving means that some waste is generated, but I could only try and be as contentious as possible.

5) Pack the necessities:
When you have just moved in, and the whole place is filled with boxes and you have no idea where everything is, and then all you need is a cup of coffee, but you have no idea what box the coffee is in? The best way to avoid this nightmare is to pack a little bag with everything that you might need access too, like the kettle, coffee, tea, snacks, toilet paper and anything else you might need immediate access to.

6) Plan the day:
Planning ahead for things like wifi, deliveries, check ins and outs for renting means that the little things that would weigh on your mind can be alleviated, making the day a lot less stressful. I personally didn’t do that, and I really regret it, it made the day much more stressful.

7) Unpack by room:
Containing the mess by unpacking each room one at a time, which means that the mess and the work is compartmentalised. We took all the ‘bedroom’ stuff and started putting everything away, and as we unpacked the boxes, everything else became much more manageable.

8) Live in the space:
Let yourself acclimatise to the space to work out where you want things, it can be hard to live in Limbo for a while but it means that the furniture is right when you are finding a place for your possessions.

9) Take Breaks
Don’t do everything at once, it took me about a week of consistent packing to pack up the house, and it took a couple of days of consistently moving boxes and furniture after work to get it all done. It meant that we were way more productive, and more approachable.

10) It can take a while to get used to it.
I love our new place, its bigger, nicer and it has a seperate bedroom, and I love it, but I’m not comfortable or relaxed completely in it yet. I know I will eventually be at ease, but it’s a huge change, and it’s okay to take a little bit of time to get used to it. We are slowly making the new space a home and I love restyling and organising a new space.

How do you cope with moving? What are your favourite moving tips?

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