Day in the Life: City2Surf

This weekend, I ran in the City2Surf, the biggest fun run in the world, spanning from the middle of Sydney to the famous Bondi Beach, which is about 14.5 km. And I decided to be very real with you and document the whole day so you could laugh at me.

If you’re a real OG, you know that I ran it last year as well, but you would also know that last year, I actually trained for it. You might also be thinking, wouldn’t it be a smart idea to train for something that is very physically taxing?

And you would be right- it would have been smart to train.
I did not train.

I do run, but really only when the spirt moves me, which realistically is about once a fortnight. I do go to the gym fairly often and I practice yoga, but its not really the same.

So in the morning of the race, I woke up, looking amazing and prepared. It was absolutely freezing in Sydney, and I had to really debate with myself whether it was even worth getting out of bed.

You might notice my stunning resemblance to ET in the morning, and my great nails, clearly looking wonderful. Also, the mirror is very tall, I am not very small.

Even though I didn’t train, I know it’s important to eat a good breakfast before any demanding exercise. I had a pretty reasonable breakfast, I love protein shakes, and this one was chock full of frozen banana, coffee, almond-coconut milk blend and chocolate protein powder. After obnoxiously using my blender at 6am on a Sunday, I kissed my boyfriend goodbye, more accurately, I sat on him and was generally very irritating for about 10 minutes and then left to make my race on time.

The best smoothie in the world: Frozen banana, coconut and almond milk, a shot of coffee and chocolate protein powder

When I changed into my running gear, there was a slight challenge, because City2Surf has a tradition of runners throwing jumpers into the trees for charities at the beginning of the race, which is very altruistic, but I didn’t have any jumpers to spare, so I was faced with the choice of being freezing at the beginning of the race, or overheating during it, I decided to freeze. It was a very cold and windy day for Sydney, so I was feeling really sorry for myself. But then I got on the train to the start link, and I noticed lots of other runners were in similar predicaments, and I began to feel much better. I had the thickest running tights I own, two sports bras (ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing worse for running than a bad sports bra) and my ugly but very comfortable running shoes.

Me and my favourite shoes taking a walk on the beach

When I lined up and actually ran the race, it was really exciting. City2Surf has a really energetic vibe, and there are bands, people of all fitness levels and plenty of funny costumes to see. It was also very challenging- especially ‘Heartbreak Hill’ which very nearly did break my heart.

But it was worth it in the end, the Finish line was on the beautiful Bondi Beach, and even though it was bitterly cold and windy, and I was very sore it was beautiful and majestic as ever.

An extreme close up of a very tired and happy runner featuring: my two sports bra straps

When I got home, woke my boyfriend up (it was about midday) got some much deserved breakfast, it was carb-y and delicious, and I was so hungry I wolfed it down before I even thought of taking a photo. After that, we both came home and had a nap, it was glorious.

But it was also very important to recover, not as important as it would have been to train, but you know, at least I tried. I used my foam roller to roll out my legs and lower back, which was really painful but overall worth it, and then I did a big yoga flow session and stretch, which really helped me relax the tight muscles from the day and generally relax. I also tried to drink as much water as possible, and I think I drank about 3 litres, because I wasn’t about to have exhaustion muscle cramps and dehydration cramps.

Looking very serious stretching post run.

After a long, chilly weekend, I went to sleep at a very cool 8pm, and had a very early night to get ready for work the next day. I hope you enjoyed this ‘Day in the Life’ post, and if you did, please let me know if I should do more of them.

How was your weekend?

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