Things that have made my life better

I don’t usually write ‘my favourite things’ posts, because I don’t think my favourite things are that interesting, and I don’t want my lovely readers to feel like I am selling them things (not that selling people things is bad). In my own life, I want to prioritise experiences and how things make me feel over something I have bought. So here are the things that have been making my life better recently!


The Bechtel-Cast:
This is my current fave, its two cool, smart women (and a guest) who discusses movies in relation to the Bechtel test. It’s pretty funny and has made me look at movies more critically. Their fight club episode is WILD, so is the 10 things I hate about you one. It has forced me to think more critically about the media I consume, and how female characters are portrayed.

If you’re Australian, you will already know about Steph Clair Smith and Laura Henshaw who created the Kic app, which is fitness and health related. Basically I love them and I want to be them. They recently started a podcast and I am obsessed, they have interesting guests on to talk about fitness, food and all around health, and I love hearing two amazing and intelligent women on the top of their game talk about cool stuff that is important to them.


Lana Del Rey’s new album has been on repeat since it was released. Norman Fucking Rockwell! slaps in all the right places. Lana Del Rey’s latest album is a culmination of her last four records, and her songwriting has gone from strength to strength ‘God Damn, man child, your poetry’s bad and you blame the news’ should receive a Pulitzer.
She’s moved from her previous personas, and improved on them, and talks about themes of politics, late stage capitalism and feminismsm. She rejects the male gaze, and refutes the idea of male exceptionalism ‘you act like a kid even though you stand six-foot-two, you talk to the walls when the party gets bored of you’. Its amazing.


Libba Brays fantastical series ‘The Diviners’ has everything I want in a book, a diverse cast, an interesting plot, a cool setting and ghosts. I am only on the second book but so far I love it. The Diviners is a historical, paranormal fantasy set in 1920s New York City! And in this alternative history, there are people called Diviners who have magical abilities that are hidden from the world. And these powers will come in handy as a demon like being who was summoned from a Ouija board starts ritualistically killing people, while also bringing upon the apocalypse. I can’t wait to read the third book, and if you have any suggestions for similar books, please let me know!


Killing Eve is the best show I have seen this year, I have only seen Season One, but it is wonderfully written, beautifully shot and bizarrely comical. Villanelle is the best villain I have seen in a long time, possibly ever and I think Sandra Oh’s character is a fantastic match.
Obviously Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are masterful, and their performances bring these amazing characters right. I couldn’t look away, and the dark humour and shocking action scenes keep you on your toes. Comers portrayal of Villanelle shocked me, she’s so good! She made a murdering psychopath charismatic and loveable, and I really enjoyed watching her character.
I can’t wait to watch Season Two!

My new favourite bad guy ever

What has been making your life better recently?

4 thoughts on “Things that have made my life better

  1. for historical paranormal, I do like P.N. Elrod’s vampire files books. They go downhill, for me, after the third one. I also like the first two books of Mercedes Lackey’s Diana Tregarde series, modern urban fantasy, but she always screws up the third book when she does series.

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  2. This is a great list and I like how these things are more experience-related than thing-related! I too am a fan of Lana Del Rey but I couldn’t tell you what her latest songs are. My dad is also became a fan after he discovered her music on my old laptop. I thought I had deleted everything. 😂

    Podcasts are fantastic. I’m unfamiliar with the titles that you mentioned and should check them out. I also love health and fitness topics so these podcasts sound interesting. Have a good day! 😊🌺

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