How I Recharge

I don’t know about you- but I have been exhausted lately, I haven’t wanted to get out of bed, I’m sleepy all the time and I’m just a bit boring. I need some time to chill out and recharge. I feel like I never talk about rest, I think its crazy that I’m always talking about hustling, but the concept of rest has been really important in my life, and I always feel bad about talking about it. I think rest is underrated in society, where there is so much focus on being productive all the time, instead of just being. It’s been a hard couple of weeks, and I wanted to have some time to rest and recharge.

Its nice to take a second to breath, take a second to release your thoughts, and I have been experimenting in all the different ways I can do that:

1) Take Time Away:
I have been taking time away from my normal space, and its been rejuvenating to be in a differing space, for me this has just been exploring different parts of the city I don’t usually get to. But by taking time away from my usual environment, from my house, my to do list, and my phone made me feel light and energised. Time away gives your brain a chance to see new perspectives and learn new things. Getting up and walking away from projects, sometimes tucking yourself away from your usual environment is a great way to kickstart your brain.

2) Permission to not be helpful:
I love being helpful, and I have a huge problem saying no, I always assume that if I am physically able to, I should say yes when someone asks me to do something. I have this deep-seated thing that makes me think it’s selfish to say no. However, when you’re already spread thinly, you have to give yourself permission to say no, especially when you’re exhausted and overworked. Its good to help, but you’re allowed to give yourself permission to not be helpful. It’s like when they call the safety inspection in an aeroplane, you need to adjust your own mask before you help anyone else.

3) Be Unproductive:

Now, I’m really bad at this, it drives my boyfriend crazy that I can’t even watch a movie without having to do something. Having ‘unproductive’ time, by that I mean, something that doesn’t produce anything for you, gives your brain a chance to relax, and tick along with the big problems in the background. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have epiphanies when I’m doing something boring like cleaning. An example of this is having a movie night, its hard for me to do nothing productive, but doing things for the enjoyment of it. It feels really luxurious to just do something without needing to be productive, and I’m hoping to get better at it.

4) Connection to Art and Nature: I live in a City, so nature can be a bit hard to find sometimes especially if you’re working or studying in an office all day. Luckily Sydney is surrounded by beautiful national parks, so whenever I get the chance I try and get out and explore. Art and Nature makes you look at the world in a curious way, not just in a ‘succeed’ mindset, even though its a simple thing, it is nice to be reminded that there is more to life than arbitrary ‘to dos’ on a never ending list. The connection to art and nature helps me to feel curious and reconnect to the feeling of being human.

5) Solitude to Recharge– Being with other people can be very fulfilling, but sometimes I need space. Sometimes when I’m feeling clouded, distracted, exhausted, or just disassociated, it usually is a sign that I need to recharge by myself. Even if its just putting on my headphones and working on something that’s different from them. It helps rest my brain and become more centred in myself, and then I can go out and hang out with people and be more fun to be around.

6) A break from responsibility– I struggle with this, because even when I take a break from responsibility, it follows me everywhere. The weight of responsibilities can be heavy, wether it’s bills, relationships, study, work or just doing the dishes these are not things you can get away from. Obviously, if people are relying on you, or you have goals to achieve, this is not a long term solution. But taking a mini break from responsibilities can help, and the more responsibility you take for your life, the more influence you have in your life. But giving yourself the space to put that responsibility down for a second can be a really powerful recharging moment.

7) Stillness to decompress: The ability to be still, or if I am unable to be still, tells me so much about how I’m feeling that day. I find I can’t be still thats when I really need to take a look at what I’m I need to be still, or somethings going on, or Im stressing before it has even started, meditation especially helps me to bring it back to the presence. Stillness to decompress is really important, espeacially when you’re in a peak season of your life, and you have a lot going on.

8) A Safe Space: For me, its my apartment, and its a place I can relax, be myself and just chill out. It could be anything you want, it could be a tiny corner or a notebook. My bedroom especially is a place where I don’t try and be productive, its only for chilling out. It’s a healing place where I can recenter, and come home to myself.

9) Alone time at home: This is hard, especially if you live with other people but even just headphones can act as alone time at home. Getting the house to yourself is the best feeling because you can relax in your own presence, and you can also walk around in your underpants, which is the height of luxury. Being alone in your own space is an amazing way to recharge. It helps rest your mind, body and soul

How do you reset and recharge?

3 thoughts on “How I Recharge

  1. Your pictures are so lovely, Bri! Lately, I’ve been stuck inside the house so I spend A LOT of time at home. This isn’t exactly healthy for me since I tend to isolate myself. It’s very cold outside so going for a week doesn’t look too appealing. I wish we had warm, sunny weather here. I agree that getting away even if it’s for a day can do wonders for recharging the body and mind.😀


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