Mood Boosters

Sometimes, life can be tough, and it can make you feel like a little slug person (or at least that’s how I feel sometimes). And in those situations, all you can really do it take stock, acknowledge that you feel like your life’s in the toilet, make yourself a coffee and get back up to try again.
Everyone has experienced bad days, bad moods, awkward moments that can sink even the best day like a ‘devil’s advocate’ at a party. And it sucks.
I always try and live by the idea of ‘Cry for an hour and then sort it out’ meaning I can be sooky about a bad thing for a short while, and then I have to keep moving. Because at a certain point, you get stuck in a ‘sook cycle’ and it becomes less about the bad thing, and how I’m reacting to it.
Like most things in my life, I try and have an action plan in place for when I feel like poop. The other day, when I was feeling particularly down in the dumps, I decided to make a list of the ways I like to lift my mood, and since then its been a great little project to add to things and create a list of positivity. I’m hoping it will also help you when you’re having a grumpy day like I was. So with that, I give the:

29 Things You Can Do To Stop Being A Grumpy Little Gremlin

1) Listen to some bangers- nothing is better to listening to your favourite songs and having a dance party in your room.

2) Cuddle a furry friend- Its scientifically proven that you can’t be sad and cuddle a puppy or a kitten, and you can’t argue with science.

3) Do something nice for your appearance, like doing your hair or nails – when I feel like crap, I often feel like I look like crap, and doing something nice for yourself, like a manicure, a hair treatment or anything like that is a great way to feel like you’re taking care of yourself.
4) Watch a movie that makes you happy, like a Disney movie- I like Mulan
5) Put a good podcast on – I wrote a podcast about my favourites here
6) Treat yourself to a coffee at your favourite cafe

7) Workout in a cute outfit (for me- this means not anything thats ripped) – and do a workout that makes you feel energetic – I like ones with heaps of box jumps and skipping because it gets your heart rate up and makes me feel really happy.
8) Buy some pretty flowers – its a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up a room and treat yourself

9) Grab your favourite takeout or a junk food- My current favourite is Loving Earth chocolate
10) Go for a walk in nature and be in greenery- Its just nice to be out of your space for a little bit
11) Have a nap in the middle of the day- Its a luxurious thing to have a nap in the middle of the day
12) Do some yoga – My favourite way to self care, and I have talked about it on this blog a million times (I’m not sorry)

I’m working on perfecting the baby crow- I can hold it for about 30 seconds now, but I’m working on it.

13) Meditate – Meditation has been a new habit for me, but I’m really enjoying it as a means of quiet time, and especially when you’re all mixed up in the head, its a great way to give yourself some mental space.
14) Watch wholesome youtube content- My favourite right now is Jenna Marbles
15) Call a friend and be social
16) Splurge for something nice – I recently bought myself a new yoga mat and its been amazing, it was a small thing but its much softer on my wrists and knees.
17) Cook or bake something new – I have loved experimenting with cooking, and especially pasta sauces and soups and other time intensive things. Its been a great way to learn.
18) Compliment someone- giving someone a genuine compliment can also make you feel good about yourself
19) Light some candles and have a home spa night
20) Read an uplifting book- I’m really enjoying the Diviners Series right now

21) Do something exciting – It could be as wild as sky diving or just doing something out of your comfort zone, its a great way to grow and change
22) Put some inspiring things around the house – I find that my environment influences me, so its a nice thing to put inspirational things around so I can essentially absorb them
23) Cuddle – Cuddles are proven to make you feel better link here
24) Rearrange your furniture – It’s a great way to revitalise your space and make it feel fresh
25) Buy a plant – I’m a big fan of buying a new plant friend when I’m feeling down, it oxygenates the room and gives a nice energy
26) Plan a better day for tomorrow- Sometimes, when I have had a bad day, its better to look forward to tomorrow, and planning out a better day in my planner is a great way to rethink my day and reframe myself for success
27) Rethink goals – Sometimes a plan for the future makes it easier to feel in control of my life, and have an action plan
28) Getting Advice from wise people- I like calling my mum personally
29) Healthy smoothies- I wrote about my personal favourites here

Am I missing anything? How do you like to lift your mood? Let me know in the comments below

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