Getting My Shit Together

Shocking no one, this week got away from me and has been really busy, and I haven’t been able to plan blog posts as far ahead as I would like. So today I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and write a ‘productive day in my life’ so I could write a blog post and also tick off my to-do list because it was getting pretty ridiculous. I also love this kind of content personally, because it inspires me to be productive and gives me ideas so I hope you like it too.
If not, at least I got some of my stuff done!

  • Make Candles: Normally, I love burning candles at night, I find it a lovely way to wind down for the night and I like to make some candles in my spare time. Because I have had no spare time recently, I have not made any candles, so today I took some time to make some candles, and it was a lovely relaxing way to start the day. I have also started a small side hustle selling my candles, and I had to actually have to make the products to sell. I managed to finish about seven candles which I am very happy with, and now my house smells like a candle store, which is a nice bonus.
  • Write 2000 words of my book- I have been writing my book for about a year now, and I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year to give myself a much-needed kick in the pants to get past the 50k mark. I have been trying to be consistent, but I have fallen slightly behind, which is okay we are all human. It was lovely to sit with my coffee and be creative for a while because my boyfriend had a sleep-in so it was a great way to utilise the quiet time.
  • Write three blog posts- I wrote the first drafts of three blog posts I want to post this week because I’m trying to be more organised with my blog posting. I wrote out some drafts which I can then refine, add photos and then hopefully post on time!
  • Organise my Book Club: I am part of a Feminist Book Club, which meets once a month to discuss a feminist book and other resources along a certain theme, and this month was my turn to curate the book and other resources. We chose the theme ‘bad women’ which was really interesting, so I spent some time today researching the materials and finalised the materials we will be reading this month. It’s also a fantastic excuse to binge-watch Killing Eve.
  • Change my sheets and Clean my Bathroom: Another boring job that needs doing is to change the bedsheets, which is one of my least favourite jobs. I love having fresh sheets, its just so annoying to actually do it. I also needed to clean my bathroom because I don’t enjoy living in a biohazard. Adulting is hard. Every day I try and write a list of everything I need to do that day, and I try to have a maximum of 12 things on that list because otherwise I put too many things on the list and overwhelm myself. Having a plan for the day helps me actually do the stuff I need to do, and keeping myself accountable with this blog not only means I have written a blog post, but I get my shit together.

I hope this odd ‘getting my shit together’ post was interesting for you, and this kind of productive post inspired you a little bit.
What do you like to do on your days off?

6 thoughts on “Getting My Shit Together

  1. I’m always exhausted so I find it really hard getting things done, and I seem to take forever to get them done. Idk the cause of the exhaustion and feeling fatigued all the time. 😴 I agree that lists really help! I keep lists on a notepad on my phone so they are easily accessible.

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