We Got A Kitten

Over the last couple of years one of my big life goals was to get a pet. And after much saving and research and negotiating, the dream finally came true.
Meet Lilith.

She is glorious

She is a Scottish Fold Kitten, and she’s perfect. We have had her for a couple of weeks and it has completely changed my life. She is a sweet, cheeky and very clever little munchkin and her antics make me laugh all the time. She’s very friendly and follows us around the house as we go about our business. As a first time pet owner I was really nervous and I obviously had a lot to learn but its been a wonderful experience so far.

Why we decided to get a Scottish Fold

When we decided we wanted to get a kitten, we decided that we wanted a Scottish Fold, and the Fold is a sweet breed of cat who is very affectionate and comfortable with members of the family. We also she would suit our lifestyles, as we live in a tiny apartment and we work a lot.
I have never had a ‘pure breed’ animal, only rescue animals, so I was very conscious of the ethical and health risks around pure breed animals, particularly Scottish folds, who can have terrible bone problems if they are not breed properly. With all that in mind, we looked for a breeder we trusted and when I called them with 27 detailed questions they were very good natured. But if they had been shady about my questions I would have gone somewhere else, because I would rather wait than get a cat that was in pain.But we found a wonderful breeder, and waited for about seven months before we could get our little kitten, who was twelve weeks old when we got to take her home.

Liliths favourite nap spot is on top of whatever I’m using.

The First Night

It was a four hour drive to get her home to our apartment, but she was so quiet that we thought it was okay and she might be sleepy. When we got to our house and we let her out of her carrier she immediately started crying and calling for her mother and her siblings. And it was so pitiful and sad that I immediately started crying, and I was wracked with guilt, I was panicking that we had taken her too soon (even though the breeder and all the resources we had looked at said 12 weeks was perfect) I was devastated. The breeder had suggested that we keep her in a smaller room so she had time to acclimatise for the first night, which for us was the bathroom. But when we went to bed, she started crying and it was so heartbreaking that I slept in the bathroom with her, and as soon as I walked into the bathroom she started purring. It was definitely a tough first night.

She is graceful and elegant

The First Week

The first week was also pretty tough because everyone was getting used to one another, and our kitten was very nervous around us. She would hiss at us if we went near her or tried to pat or pick her up, so the first week was largely about teaching her to trust us, doing ‘hot laps’ with us picking her up, walking her around the house and putting her down again, lots of play time and probably too much chicken. Slowly but surely she began to trust us and show us more of her affectionate, cheeky and clever side. She began to follow us around the house to see what we were doing, sitting with us while we played video games, and doing the ankle thing where they weave in between your feet, which I love.

She has awoken


Now she’s the cheekiest, cutest little thing in the world, she’s my little friend who follows me everywhere I go, and she’s so sweet and affectionate, and has made my life a million times happier. I’m so obsessed that I created an Instagram for her (Lilith_the_fold). It took a little while to gain her trust but it was certainly worth it.

3 thoughts on “We Got A Kitten

  1. how unbelievably cute! and a perfect name. I’ve spent my time sleeping on floors with kittens. Once I found a kitten in my garden, and could not find the momma. So i brought her in, and she and I slept in the bathroom.

    I also once had a cat that we just brought home from the shelter and he immediately ran and hid under the bed, growling. I was in a teary mess when that happened, but he finally warmed up to us.

    Currenlty, I have 5 8-month old kittens, their momma and the two big boys we had before.

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