30 Facts about Me

So I reached a pretty crazy milestone of 300 followers at the end of last week, and I know for some that isn’t that many but I just love all the people who read this blog and support me so to have that number go up is so exciting for me. This blog has been a huge source of creative inspiration to me and it’s so great to read all of your comments and blog posts and make friends through this blog.

So to celebrate I thought I’d share 30 kinda interesting facts about myself.

1) I love learning, and I went to University for International relations and international law.

2) I identify intersectional feminist, and I’m always trying to learn more about feminism and how I can inform myself. I am part of a feminist bookclub which has been a great way to learn more about feminism and introduce myself to ideas and perspectives that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I try and be very conscious of my privilege and I’m always eager to learn more.

3) I have seen the Arctic Monkeys every time they have come to Australia, and they are one of my favourite bands of all time. But my favourite album they have created is AM.

4) I also love Lana Del Rey and I’m one of those people who will listen to her albums over and over again to really get the meanings of her songs. Lately when I have been practicing yoga, I have had her new album on in the background, and the vibe is perfect.

5) I work in the human rights area and I am really empathetic, and I can get into massive holes of despair about the state of the world and injustice. It has taken me a really long time to learn how to have boundaries and not get so so upset about everything that could possibly go wrong in the world. People also used to bait me into an arguments about human rights for fun by playing ‘devils advocate’ but I shut that right down now. It has taken me a long time to develop self care strategies that help me set boundaries for work and personal life.

6) I’m the oldest child, and my younger sibling is very gentle, and I always joke that it is because I was so bossy as a little kid that he had no other choice but to be extremely chill.

7) I have been with my boyfriend, Hayden for about five years now, and he’s my best friend, and he’s funny and cool and nice and a million different lovely things.

8) I have a bit of a plant hoarding problem, and if someone is complaining of a dying plant, or wanting to throw it out, I feel the immediate need to save it, and thats the main way I collect plants. I have a wide range now, and now that its summer they are beginning to grow and flower which is really exciting, I especially love vines and hanging plants.

9) I worked in hospitality during uni, as both a waitress and a barista and I think everyone should work in hospo a while because I think it would make the world a more compassionate, and patient place. And less people would order extra hot soy milk in their coffees.

10) Although I am a coeliac and I follow a strict gluten free diet, I could probably eat my own weight in pasta, and when there is a gluten free option of something I love, like fried chicken or something, I will go massively overboard on the portion size.

11) When I really like a song, I will play it on repeat over and over and over for days on end until I don’t like the song any more. It drives everyone around me crazy.

12)I have been really lucky to be able to travel a fair bit, I love travelling and one of my favourite trips of all time was to New Zealand, because there was so much beautiful scenery, adventuring and amazing food. I also loved Italy, Poland and Romania and a bunch of other places. I can’t wait to travel more when I get the chance.

13) I love star signs, kind of not really ironically, and I’m a sagittarius, and one of my favourite things to do is to tease my boyfriend and my friends about their star signs. I just think its really fun. I’m also a Sagittarius and I really identify with it.

14)I am useless at texting back and getting back to people in general, and if you’re reading this and I haven’t gotten back to you about your message, I am so sorry. I’m also really bad at social media, and if you follow me on instagram you will already know how true that is.

15) I melt as soon as I see a kitten or a puppy of any capacity, and I’m that person who will make eye contact with the dog walking down the street but not the person. I recently got a little kitten of my own, and I think my heart physically grew three sizes like the grinch.

16) If I don’t have to be anywhere or be doing anything, I am definitely wearing a dressing gown.

17) I am a massive nerd, particularly around history, and some of my favourite things to read about are famous queens from the past, including Catherine the Great and Princess Cici of Austria. I’m currently reading about the Soong sisters in China and I am really nerding out about it.

18) I don’t like voicemails- and I never check them, so the only person who leaves my voicemails is my dad- and I have at least 57 voicemails of him pretty much saying the same thing.

19) I can’t function without coffee and on bad days I will drink about five cups. But I’m really scared of burning my tongue so I will wait to drink it, and it drives my boyfriend crazy, because he thinks its ice cold by the time I drink it, but its not- it’s warm.

20) I live in Sydney and I love it, I love that I can be at the beach or the bush within an hour, and theres always something fun to do.

21) I am left handed, and I am very particular about the kinds of pens that I use, I only use one kind because it makes my handwriting look nice, and I will buy multiples whenever I get the chance.

22) I love watching TV Series on Netflix, but I have this thing where I think movies are too much of a time commitment. And I have to be doing something while I’m watching TV, whether it is cleaning, making something or reading at the same time. My boyfriend calls it ‘twitching’.

23) I have pretty bad anxiety, and when I was younger it was pretty much incapacitating, but now I have had some time to work on it and I can manage it much better now.

24) I am always cold, it could be sweltering heat, but I will want a blanket on.

25) I like the idea of marriage in movies, like Morticia and Gomez in the Adams Family, but I’m not entirely convinced the whole thing is for me.

26) My life motto is ‘Let me tread kindly’

27) I love Harry Potter and I re-read them almost once a year, and I think I’m a combination of a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor, but my boyfriend always teases me and tells me I’m a Hufflepuff.

28) I love people as a default, but when they let me down I find it really hard to let them in again, I really resonate with the Mr Darcy quote ‘my opinion once lost is lost forever’ and I think its one of my worst qualities.

29) My go to drink is a soy mocha, and I think chocolate and coffee is a blessed combination.

30) I love bushwalking and hiking and I will jump at any chance to get outside and go exploring.

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments and supports my blog, it means so much to me ❤

4 thoughts on “30 Facts about Me

  1. “I have a bit of a plant hoarding problem, and if someone is complaining of a dying plant, or wanting to throw it out, I feel the immediate need to save it, and thats the main way I collect plants. ”

    heh, I do the same thing. I also love astrology though I know it is rather unlikely to be true and am a hard assed skeptic. I’m an Aries, Capricorn rising.

    and as for marriage, I’ve been married 30 years and the whole legal thing is the only reason we did it. It’s kinda pointless otherwise.

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