March Reading Wrap Up

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and prioritising self care in this crazy time, I have been reading a lot lately because I’m trying to channel my energy into something that’s not constantly refreshing my feed for more news about the world which lead to me reading 8 books this month. This month has been a challenge for everyone and I’m lucky … Continue reading March Reading Wrap Up

25 Things to do in self isolation

I’m not going to beat around the bush, but the global spread of Covid-19 has left a lot of people’s lives in disarray and almost everyone is feeling high levels of stress and anxiety. The only thing that most people can do to help is to flatten the curve (rate of infection) which probably means spending a lot of time at home. Why not take … Continue reading 25 Things to do in self isolation

Tips for Working From Home

I have been working from home full time for the whole year, so social distancing wasn’t as much of a shock to me as it was to others. And I’m also incredibly lucky to be able to work from home in a time when so many people are working so hard to keep society running (thank you so much to all the wonderful healthcare workers … Continue reading Tips for Working From Home

My Month in Books: February Reading Wrap Up

Hi everyone!I know that some of you are big bookworms like me and this year I want to write more book content and share with you all the amazing books I have read and get some suggestions from you.So far 2020 has been a fantastic reading year for me and I have discovered some new favourites, because I am trying to get through my backlog … Continue reading My Month in Books: February Reading Wrap Up

Zero Waste Challenge: Tackling My Waste

This year, I made the commitment to live a more sustainable life, and it seemed very overwhelming from the outset, because sometimes it feels like literally everything comes in plastic.Everything.And starting the zero waste journey is kind of like walking up a mountain blindfolded, and when I did some research, Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers recommended looking at what trash you actually produce … Continue reading Zero Waste Challenge: Tackling My Waste

Why I’m Sick of Perfectionism

Perfectionism: A doctrine holding that perfection is attainable, especially the theory that human moral or spiritual perfection should be or has been attained. I have a bad habit of setting myself impossible standards and goals to try and become some sort of unattainable ‘perfect’ version of myself. And them I’m shocked and disappointed when I inevitably can’t live up to the hype I created for … Continue reading Why I’m Sick of Perfectionism

25 Lessons in 25 Years

I turned 25! Twenty five feels so grown up and ‘adult’ and I had so many ideas about what 25 would like when I was younger. My life is nowhere near what I had imagined (I also had unrealistic expectations of housing prices when I was five!). But I do think my younger self would have been very proud and shocked about how everything has … Continue reading 25 Lessons in 25 Years

The Ugly Side of Health and Fitness

I love almost all health trends, and I love trying it all out, and health and fitness is a big part of my life, and I have been working towards a healthier lifestyle for a little while now. And I have to say that overall it has been a positive and rewarding experience. In general I do feel healthier, more confident in my body and … Continue reading The Ugly Side of Health and Fitness